Pearson Butler Team

Utah Charter School Law Practice

Attorneys at Pearson Butler offer various charter school attorney services and can provide advice from start-ups to ongoing charter school operations. These services include interpretation of the Utah Charter School Act; advising and representing charter schools and charter school boards in interacting with the State Board of Education and the State Charter School Board, both proactively and defensively; assisting with contract formation and negotiation in all forms, including contracts between charter schools and the State, leasing agreements, employment contracts, or any other contracts affecting charter schools; organizing and incorporating non-profit entities to govern and manage charter schools; and assisting in drafting school charters, along with any other issues that affect Utah charter schools.

These services can be uniquely tailored to specific charter school needs to provide the greatest value to the school. From corporate and transactional work to charter school training, to policies and procedures manuals, to litigation, the attorneys at Pearson Butler have the experience to assist Utah charter schools.