Pet Trusts Gaining in Popularity

When people think of a pet Trust for their pet, they might imagine Leona Helmsley’s pet Maltese named Trouble drinking Perrier from a crystal bowl in a lavish Manhattan penthouse. However, you don’t have to be rich and eccentric to set up a Pet Trust. Pet Trusts are most commonly set up by caring individuals who just want to make sure that their non-human family member is taken care of in the event of their own death or disability.

If that event does occur what will happen to man’s best friend, your cozy cuddle buddy, the pet you can’t live without, but since you’re dead you’ll kinda have to? You plan for your human family, leaving them money and trust painstakingly managed by Guardians, Trustees, and Executors. Your furry and feathered family members deserve consideration, too! Remember, without advanced planning, your pets may face the same awful fate that awaits so many other orphaned pets.

Contact an estate planning attorney who focuses in this area today to set up a Pet Trust for your special friend. Also to make a smooth transition for your pets newly appointed guardian click here and find out more about VPI pet insurance. You will sleep better knowing that they will continue purring or waging their tail even if you are no longer able to care for them.

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