Is Utah Next for Devastating Natural Disaster?

We may not be facing a hurricane any time soon, but the bizarre earthquake that hit the east coast two weeks ago should have Utahans thinking about preparedness. In fact, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) National Seismic Hazard Map, the entire state of Utah ranks above the 16th percentile of earthquake hazard levels. The map displays probability levels for earthquake ground motions across the United States that are applied in seismic provisions of building codes, insurance rate structures, risk assessments, and other public policy. Click here for the map published by UCGS. So, it really isn’t a matter of if, but when Utah will suffer a potentially-dangerous quake.

With the recent news of flooding, property damage, business loss, and even death, you might be asking yourself if this could happen to you. What would you do if your business was forced to close, a family member died or your house was lost? Preparedness is the key to mitigating loss. Whether you are dealing with food storage, business succession or your will, having a solid plan is the key to truly surviving a disaster. For more information about how to prepare for an earthquake, click here to visit the USGS site. For information about protecting your assets and business, visit