Put the "YES" into Your Startup

“Not” is an evil word to business owners. You may hear that you’re not qualified for a loan, not ready to start, not ready to launch, not prepared, not, not, not.

For all entrepreneurs out there, remove the word NOT from your vocabulary. I was told once, but haven’t been able to find the research to fully substantiate, that our subconscious brain fails to process to the word “not.” Ever wonder why your kids do exactly what you told them NOT to do? More to come on that.

As an entrepreneur, you’re required to spend every day working and pushing, so think about why you’re doing it. What’s the meaning behind what you do? What’s the purpose that got you out of bed and out the door this morning?

What we’re wondering is, why are you doing what you do?

Our purpose is to help you grow your business, doing what you love to do, build a business that gives you meaning, and develop the results you want.