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At Pearson Butler, we know that having any type of legal matter or concern can be extremely difficult for both our clients and their families. Often, we know that the biggest obstacle is finding the right representation and knowing that your case is being handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. As one of the only mid-sized multi-practice law firms in the state, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive approach to the law. With legal professionals that specialize in a variety of specific avenues of the law, we’re able to resolve many complex legal matters in-house. Our philosophy is simple; when life happens, we’re here and we understand. To get started, please reach out to one of our convenient locations at your earliest convenience.

“Everything from accidents to business law has been dealt with sincere care.”

- Patrick M.

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Utah's Premier Full-Service Law Firm

Whether you've unexpectedly been injured, are filing for divorce, want to protect your assets for yourself and generations to come, need guidance and representation in a corporate transaction, or are struggling to navigate a complex system of insurance following an accident, you can turn to Utah’s premier full-service law firm for the help you need. The attorneys at Pearson Butler fill many roles: strategists, problem solvers, counselors, listeners, and healers.

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About Pearson Butler

Pearson Butler is comprised of 60 dedicated professionals, including over 30 qualified attorneys who excel in their specific areas of law. Collaboration is crucial and attorneys at Pearson Butler know that you receive the best results when you have access to multiple attorneys across multiple disciplines. No matter your needs, you can count on the skilled professionals at Pearson Butler to understand your legal matter and how to help you, no matter how large or small. The firm is widely known for helping clients navigate the legal system with compassion and skill. Schedule a confidential consultation to find out how Pearson Butler’s attorneys can assist you.