At-Home Care for Aging Americans

In 2002, my father was old and feeble, and he lived alone. I was faced with the prospect of having him live in an assisted-living facility to help him with meals, laundry, personal hygiene, transportation — and other needs. I DID NOT KNOW about “at-home” care providers. My father did not want to go to an assisted-living facility, but I told him that was his only choice — and he did not like it. He passed away within weeks, and I’ve wondered if I hastened his death with my insistence that he lives in a facility. Since then, I have learned about the at-home-care industry that enables older people to have the benefits of an assisted-living facility while continuing to live in their own home, in their own neighborhood, close to people and things they are familiar and comfortable with. One of the better “at-home” care providers in America is HCA is a national company. It locates qualified caregivers for clients around the country. For example, if you live in Salt Lake City but your aged parent lives in Phoenix or San Diego, HCA will instantly put you in touch with caregivers who can assist your parent locally. I hope you find this information useful. Randy