“Life, Camera, Action!” Features Attorney Webb to Speak on Protecting Creative Projects

As a full-service Utah law firm, Pearson Butler is the workplace of a diverse staff of multitalented legal professionals. Attorney Jason Webb works on our intellectual property team and has in-depth experience with trademark, copyright, patent, and licensing laws. He has helped our clients protect their inventions, designs, and artwork and guided them through the patent application process. To share his far-reaching knowledge, he had the privilege of guest-starring on “Life, Camera, Action!” a podcast created for “filmmakers, writers and other creatives.”

In conversation with “Life, Camera, Action!” host Victoria Ruke, Attorney Webb delved into how creatives can work to protect their projects, as well as which projects are worth protecting in the first place. He also touched on which ones qualify for protection, as unfortunately, some creative endeavors are simply ineligible.

As an attorney, he has seen many people face legal issues over their creative properties and has helped them overcome these trials and tribulations. The cases he finds particularly troubling are those in which the creative project in question is a person’s livelihood. Therefore, he was impassioned to discuss the best shields against creative property theft with Ruke.

According to Attorney Webb, even when automatic copyrights apply, they are often quite weak. Using the example of a songwriter, he noted that automatic copyrights will give them some claim to the song, but registration rights are immensely stronger and carry up to $150,000 of statutory damages. That is to say, a songwriter who protects their music with registered rights will have a much easier time preserving those rights in a court of law.

This is only a snippet of the information Attorney Webb and Ruke covered in “Life, Camera, Action!” You can listen to the full episode of “Life, Camera, Action!” featuring Attorney Webb here, or on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

More About Attorney Webb

Attorney Webb holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics and Computational Modeling from Brigham Young University, making him very competent in acclimating to emerging technologies. As a result of his adaptability and acumen, he has obtained many settlements and licensing agreements with Fortune 500 companies in favor of his clients.

His guest appearance on “Life, Camera, Action!” is only one of his numerous podcast and radio show features. He also penned the best-seller titled “Your Amazing Itty Bitty® How to Do Your Own IP Audit: 15 Simple Steps to Keeping Your Intellectual Property Current.” In addition, nationally syndicated publications have quoted him to their widespread readerships, and he is a member of the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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