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Did you know that to enforce your copyright rights you must file for federal copyright registration? And the powerful copyright rights only apply if you file before others copy you. Many artists, authors, photographers, designers, performers, and others are denied justice because they rely on the so-called “automatic copyright.” Sadly, that “automatic copyright” is almost never enough.

Pearson Butler’s proprietary copyright process keeps the process simple for you while eliminating common mistakes made by other professionals. For experienced guidance from a team of US copyright lawyers who have the resources to provide personalized and attentive counsel, do not hesitate to contact the firm.

Arrange your confidential copyright consultation today by calling (800) 265-2314.

How Pearson Butler’s Copyright Team Can Help

When you work with the team of copyright professionals at Pearson Butler, you can expect to receive stellar service and representation. Counsel is built on a true understanding of the creative process and the commitment to do everything possible to keep you out of the drudgery of legal work while protecting your creations in the U.S. and internationally.

Your Utah copyright attorney can help you protect:

  • Marketing materials (e.g. brochures, pamphlets, websites, characters/mascots)
  • Packaging (e.g. package art/layout, inserts)
  • Books/manuals (e.g. workbooks, textbooks, books for speaker credibility, scripts, screenplays)
  • Websites (e.g. online retail, online membership clubs, cloud-based services, subject-matter expert sites)
  • Videos/movies/multimedia (e.g. training videos, films, sales presentations, interactive experiences)
  • Software/games (e.g. smartphone apps, online multiplayer games, social media applications, marketing automation tools)
  • Graphic art/paintings/drawings (e.g. graphic design work, high art, artistic renderings, architectural drawings/designs, comics, cartoons)
  • Music/songs/sound recordings (e.g. band albums, soundtracks, background music for games, instructional audios)
  • Online news/information platforms: (e.g. magazines/E-zines, newspapers, blogs)

Interested in learning more? Contact Pearson Butler by calling (800) 265-2314 or online to schedule a consultation.

  • "You can literally have all your consumer legal needs covered under one roof." - Jeannette M.
  • "To receive such phenomenal service and to be treated as someone who is significant and important is why I will continue to use Carson Pearson and his firm." - Brooke M.
  • "I really appreciate the warm welcome and recommend them to anyone looking for an attorney who treats you like family and not just a client." - Dan K.
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