Jason Webb

Jason Webb Spills How to Leverage Intellectual Property on “Conscious Millionaire Podcast”

As an acclaimed intellectual property and registered patent attorney, Jason Webb has been featured by many podcasts and national publications. The latest was the “Conscious Millionaire Podcast,” where he had the pleasure of speaking with JV Crum III on “How to Leverage Your Intellectual Property.”

The “Conscious Millionaire Podcast” has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the top-13 business podcasts. In each episode, Crum interviews a successful entrepreneur or expert willing to share their tips on how listeners can grow their businesses and make their first million dollars. The Conscious Millionaire Network Syndicated Podcasts and Radio Show boasts over 12 million listeners from 190 countries.

Jason is a partner at Pearson Butler and has a bachelor’s degree in applied physics and computational modeling from Brigham Young University. During his university days, he assisted in experimental laser physics and cancer research; now, he protects the rights of his clients, many with Fortune 500 companies, in licensing and settlement agreements. His background in science allows him to quickly adapt to new technologies and laws—two things that make intellectual property law a challenging legal practice area.

Hear Jason’s tips on how you can work toward your first million on the “Conscious Millionaire Podcast”. Or to get in touch with Jason at Pearson Butler, contact our Utah trial law firm online or call us at (800) 265-2314.