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3 Ways to Make Your 2021 Co-Parenting Plan a Successful One

A successful co-parenting plan is a great way to start the new year off on the right foot. Creating one that works for you, your ex-spouse, and your kids may seem overwhelming. We provide three tips to set your co-parenting plan up for success.

#1. Streamline Communication

The key to success for any plan is clear communication—particularly when it’s with your ex-spouse. The best way to keep things efficient is to stick to one form of communication, such as phone calls or emails. Emails might be better since everything you say will have a written record for future reference. The court may take a look at such correspondence if there are ever any adjustments that need to be made to the child custody agreement.

#2. Be Reasonable

Keep in mind that a co-parenting plan involves you and your children’s other parent. It’s important to keep everyone’s best interests in mind and work to accommodate them. Remember that children often thrive when they have the opportunity to build strong relationships with each parent.

#3. Respect the Needs of Your Children

Your children’s needs and wants are the most important part of a co-parenting plan. While young children aren’t always able to communicate what they want, older children and teenagers often can. Consider their wishes when creating a co-parenting plan. Otherwise, you may have children who are resistant to any changes.

On the flip side, never put your children in the middle of any disagreements. This can cause severe emotional trauma to children when forced to choose between two parents. Keep the planning process professional, thoughtful, and kind to everyone involved to achieve the best possible solution.

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