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Trademark Lawyers in Utah

Launch Your Brand, Company or Product

Thousands of trademark lawsuits are filed in U.S. courts every year, with the average cost of full litigation at approximately $400,000 – enough to wipe out a business.

Yet, many of these disputes could have been completely avoided by doing a trademark search. You should always start with your own discrete search on the internet and through other easy-to-use sources. If that goes well, you should follow up with a professional search.

For experienced help with a trademark search or any issue related to intellectual property, contact the US trademark attorneys at Pearson Butler. Call (800) 265-2314 for a confidential consultation.

Why a Professional Trademark Search?

With the appropriate resources and experience, a trademark attorney has the ability to perform a more comprehensive search. Pearson Butler’s proprietary trademark search process:

  • Takes into consideration the many factors that courts use to decide if brands are too close;
  • Is usually much more rigorous than the searching done at the U.S. Trademark Office; and
  • Includes explaining the results of the search to you in plain language.

With professional trademark help, you can rest assured that your search and application was properly handled. Many law firms just hand the job to prepare an application to a paralegal and then sign off when it is ready. Pearson Butler’s process includes a multi-level checklist review designed to ferret out problems before the application is filed. Accordingly, the firm’s success rate in getting registered trademarks is significantly higher than the average, at least in part due to unique ways of searching and preparing applications to be filed.

If you plan on launching a new brand, product, or company and want a legal team you can trust and understand, call a skilled US trademark lawyer in Utah at (800) 265-2314.

  • "You can literally have all your consumer legal needs covered under one roof." - Jeannette M.
  • "To receive such phenomenal service and to be treated as someone who is significant and important is why I will continue to use Carson Pearson and his firm." - Brooke M.
  • "I really appreciate the warm welcome and recommend them to anyone looking for an attorney who treats you like family and not just a client." - Dan K.
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