Utah divorce attorney Kelli Larson joins PEARSON BUTLER Law

Utah divorce attorney Kelli Larson has joined the Family Law Section of Pearson Butler. She has successfully represented hundreds of clients in divorce and custody matters in Utah. Kelli also has experience representing a broad range of other family law issues such as adoptions, surrogacy agreements, common-law marriages, annulments, and guardianships.

Kelli began her career by clerking in the Second District for three judges. During this clerkship. Kelli reviewed the pleadings for and attended all of the family law hearings these judges presided over. This gave her the opportunity to extensively research the nuances of family law and learn what judges liked to see from attorneys. Following her clerkship, Kelli joined a small Salt Lake City family law firm. She later left that firm and established her own family law practice. After managing her own practice, Kelli joined Pearson Butler so she can return to focusing solely on clients and casework.

In speaking about this transition, Kelli said, “I am excited about joining the team at Pearson Butler. I enjoy practicing family law and helping individuals through the legal process. Just like every family is different, every case is unique and gives me an opportunity to use my problem-solving skills. It’s part of my job to create custody and financial solutions that will be long-lasting.”