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Litigation attorney Daniel Witte has article published by American Bar Association

Daniel E. Witte, an Equity Member and Litigation Chair for Pearson Butler, has recently published Managing Irresponsible Actors In Federal Interpleader Actions, 50 Tort Trial & Ins. Practice L. J. (2014), the lead article for the fiftieth issue of the American Bar Association’s premier law review. The 48-page article explains how federal interpleader actions work, steps and complications associated with an interpleader action, the types of irresponsible actors who sometimes clog interpleaders, ethical issues related to interpleaders, and various techniques useful for achieving just and expeditious results in an interpleader action. To write the article, Witte drew upon his practical experience as well as a comprehensive review of statute, rule, and case authorities governing federal interpleaders. “Interpleaders are an important but often underappreciated and misunderstood species of litigation,” observed Witte. “This article is designed to help educate attorneys who find themselves dealing with interpleaders in the context of insurance law, family law, probate, property law, litigation, debt collection, in house management, court administration, and so on.”

Mr. Witte has often focused on complex fraud, business emergency, intellectual property, and complex insurance matters in locations across the country, including such locales as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seattle, and Salt Lake City. He investigated, litigated, and/or settled numerous highly sensitive and confidential difficulties for clients, including the prosecution of multi-million dollar disputes on behalf of some of the largest companies in the world. Currently, Mr. Witte handles in-house work for clients as well as litigating as needed on their behalf. As a Utah litigation attorney, Witte most recently secured a $23.4 million dollar fraud judgment in the case of Jameson Stanford Resources Corp. v. Stanford (Utah 5thDist. Ct. 2014).

“Dan is a great litigation attorney and important asset to the firm and we are very pleased with his most recent successes,” notes Jeff Butler, Equity Member of Pearson Butler PLLC.