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Reasons Behind Attorney Joshua Eldredge's Decision to Practice Law

Attorney Joshua Eldredge took a circuitous route in becoming a lawyer, let alone a family law and estate planning attorney. After returning from an LDS mission, he started a marketing company that eventually employed more than 50 employees at any one time. After that, he decided to go back to school and further his education. He had aspirations of becoming a pilot for a major airline like his father. When the recession hit in 2008 and being a father of three girls himself at the time, it was no longer feasible to pursue civil aviation because of the economy.

With much struggle, he reluctantly began the arduous journey of becoming an attorney.

“That journey began when I changed from a Professional Pilot bachelor’s degree to a Business Management degree,” explains attorney Joshua Eldredge. “Then came the long hours of studying for the LSAT and doing endless paperwork during the law school application process.”

Because he was an entrepreneur at heart, he knew that it would be beneficial for him to choose a practice area early on in his law school career. This would give him the opportunity to hang his own shingle right out of law school. Once again, with great effort and welcomed divine intervention, he chose the areas of family law and estate planning.

“Upon graduating from law school and passing the Utah State Bar examination, I started the Utah Family Law Group PLLC,” adds Joshua. “My interest in family law and estate planning transitioned into a love and a passion.”

Regarding family law, he found tremendous joy and satisfaction from helping individuals through a very difficult time of their life. Likewise, regarding estate planning, he enjoyed helping individuals have the peace of mind that comes from having a well thought out estate plan.

“We’re grateful that attorney Joshua Eldredge has joined our family law team at Pearson Butler,” adds law partner and family law chair, Ryan Gregerson. “Joshua connects well with clients and provides a creative approach to help our clients going through the Utah divorce process, custody and visitation, and other family-law related matters.”

A career course that initially began with faith and entrepreneurialism has now become realized, he loves being associated with the law offices of Pearson Butler, and is tremendously excited about the future.