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Many of our laws can only be enforced when workers report their employers’ unlawful actions. It takes a person with confidence and integrity to stand up to the company they rely on for a paycheck. Unfortunately, many of these companies lack the same integrity when they respond.

If you took a stand against unlawful conduct and have since experienced negative consequences at work, call our employment lawyers at Pearson Butler. We understand how to protect your career and may be able to help you find financial stability in the face of retaliation.

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Deciding to Report Illegal Conduct?

When you learn of wrongful or illegal acts happening at your workplace, you have the right to report that conduct. Reporting your employer’s illegal activities is a tough decision and it’s often difficult to decide whether to report internally or to an outside government agency. The steps you take now could affect your rights, so we advise you to speak with an attorney before making any moves.

At Pearson Butler, we can protect your right to blow the whistle on unlawful conduct at your workplace. If you are facing retaliation for having blown the whistle or want to fully understand your rights prior to doing so, we provide confidential consultations to workers across Utah.

When and How to File a Claim

Employers have a right to conduct their business as they see fit, but only as long as they follow all relevant state and federal laws. This includes:

The Utah Department of Workforce Services provides information on the laws governing workplaces and employers in our state, and you can read the Utah Employment Law Handbook online for free. Our attorneys are also well-versed in employment law and can answer your questions about whether something is legal and what can be done to change it.

After deciding to come forward with a complaint, you’ll need to determine the correct government division to file with:

Most complaints can be filed online. However, we recommend you use a personal electronic device rather than visiting these sites on a work computer or network. If your employer monitors your internet use, they could be tipped off about your plan to report something illegal and retaliate before you take action.

When Whistleblowers Are Protected by the Law

Utah employers cannot retaliate against any employee for exercising their right to:

  1. report unlawful activity to the authorities or
  2. participate in any official investigation of unlawful activity in their workplace.

However, there is no state law protecting you against retaliation if you only report wrongdoings to internal sources. If you decide to inform company leadership about misconduct or illegal behaviors, you should first file with the appropriate government agency.

Once you have made your official complaint, it is illegal for your employee to retaliate or discriminate against you in any way. This includes any attempts to:

  • Fire you
  • Reprimand or discipline you
  • Dock your score on an employee evaluation unfairly
  • Increase scrutiny
  • Demote you
  • Move you to a less desirable shift or position
  • Make your job more difficult
  • Verbally harass or abuse you
  • Spread workplace rumors about you
  • Physically threaten or assault you

Anyone facing retaliation should track and document every instance, because this can be important evidence if you decide to file a claim against your employer. Our attorneys can help you spot illegal retaliation and gather and preserve evidence.

Protecting Utah Whistleblowers

Whistleblower claims require careful preparation and knowledgeable legal counsel. Whether your employer has retaliated against you for speaking up by demoting you, reducing your pay or hours, or terminating your employment, our Utah employment lawyers at Pearson Butler understand how to help you file for restitution.

For anyone who isn’t sure whether they have a case, we can review your situation and let you know whether what your employer did was illegal. For instance, state law may not be able to help if you faced retaliation after making an internal report, but the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulations could allow you to pursue recourse. Knowing this detail could be the difference between having a way to find justice and being unable to fight back against unfair and illegal retaliation.

Whatever your situation, we are here to provide trustworthy counsel and representation.

Contact Pearson Butler at (800) 265-2314 if you have experienced employer retaliation and want to file a whistleblower lawsuit to recover damages. We’re here for employees across Utah.

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