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Utah Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Being charged with a crime does not make you a criminal. However, it does place you at risk of facing jail, prison, fines, and living the rest of your life with a criminal record – if you are convicted. Fortunately, you have the right to an attorney.

If you have been arrested or even informally accused of any type of criminal act, you need to act quickly to involve an experienced Utah criminal defense attorney who can protect your constitutional rights. You should invoke your Miranda rights—remain silent and demand legal counsel.

Focusing on Your Case & Fighting for Your Case

Pearson Butler defends the rights of clients across Utah who have been arrested, are under investigation by law enforcement or have been accused of criminal activity of any kind. Pearson Butler’s criminal attorney team is skilled at analyzing cases and determining the best strategy for a client. We understand precisely how to develop winning defense strategies even in the most challenging criminal cases and can help you in even the most difficult of circumstances.

As a full-service law firm with over 30 skilled attorneys, Pearson Butler takes a collaborative approach in creating a strategic case plan so that you benefit from a wide range of legal expertise, no matter how complex your case.

To discuss your case with a skilled professional, call (800) 265-2314. The firm has offices in South Jordan, Bountiful, and Utah County to serve you.

Finding the Right Defense Strategy for Your Unique Situation

At Pearson Butler, we understand that no two criminal cases are the same. Each case requires meticulous preparation and a complete investigation into all available evidence, police reports, potential witnesses, expert testimony, and more.

Pearson Butler has the resources and the know-how to develop compelling defense strategies, even when the odds seem stacked against you.

Pearson Butler’s criminal defense lawyers understand how to utilize any advantage, such as:

  • Search and seizure violations
  • Miranda rights violations
  • Acts made in defense of self or others
  • Mishandled evidence
  • Unreliable witnesses

To secure a conviction, you must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Even a single, seemingly small detail could turn an entire case in your favor. This is true in cases involving DUI/DWI, drug charges, juvenile crimes, sex crimes, domestic violence, or other misdemeanors or felonies.

Don’t risk your freedom; Pearson Butler understands how to help you in the most significant legal matters you may ever face. Pearson Butler also assists with expungements, for when you want to clear your criminal record.

To learn more about your rights and how Pearson Butler can assist you, call (800) 265-2314.

  • "You can literally have all your consumer legal needs covered under one roof." - Jeannette M.
  • "To receive such phenomenal service and to be treated as someone who is significant and important is why I will continue to use Carson Pearson and his firm." - Brooke M.
  • "I really appreciate the warm welcome and recommend them to anyone looking for an attorney who treats you like family and not just a client." - Dan K.
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