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At Pearson Butler, we have decades of experience serving individuals, businesses, and families across Utah in over a dozen practice areas. With more than 30 qualified legal professionals, we have the resources and experience needed to resolve even the most complex legal matters.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Bountiful

Committed to Fighting for Your Rights

Our legal system views citizens as innocent until proven guilty. However, when you’ve been charged with a serious crime, it can still be incredibly overwhelming to come up against the full force of our criminal justice system. In most cases, you will not want to defend yourself alone.

If you’re facing criminal charges or the informal accusation of a criminal act, it’s important to contact a skilled criminal defense attorney who can advise you and represent your interests. At Pearson Butler, our full-service law firm has a dedicated criminal defense team with experience advocating for the rights of the accused. Contact us as soon as possible when you’re facing charges and to invoke your Miranda rights to remain silent when dealing with law enforcement.

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Relentless Advocacy for Your Criminal Case

When you’re accused of a serious crime, you are entitled to a fair defense under the U.S. Constitution – and prosecutors must prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that you are guilty in order to get a conviction. However, that means prosecutors will use every tool in their vast arsenal to demonstrate your guilt, even when it is untrue. Additionally, law enforcement officials can use anything that you say against you in a court of law.

To protect your rights and freedoms, you need to have a strong defense strategy. Building an effective defense takes a lot of time and meticulous preparation, from reviewing police reports to interviewing potential witnesses and gathering expert testimony. At Pearson Butler, our criminal defense lawyers have the skill, experience, resources, and commitment to develop a powerful defense, no matter the odds stacked against you.

Here are a few common defense strategies that we have been successful in using for our past clients:

  • Mishandled evidence and evidence tampering
  • Violations of search and seizure rights
  • Lack of reliable witnesses in the case
  • Violations of Miranda rights (the right to remain silent)
  • Acts done in self-defense and for the defense of others
  • Entrapment or coercion to commit a crime

Criminal Cases We Take in Davis County

Because the Utah criminal justice system takes illegal behavior so seriously, you could face life-altering penalties after a conviction, including jail or prison time, revocation of your professional licenses, loss of child custody rights, and a permanent mark on your criminal record. Pearson Butler has been serving Utah for decades, relying on 300 years of combined legal experience among more than 30 qualified legal professionals. We take on a wide variety of criminal cases and fight aggressively to protect our clients’ basic rights.

We can represent Davis County residents dealing with the following criminal matters:

Don’t hesitate to speak with an attorney about your case. Call our team now at (800) 265-2314 or submit our online form to get started.

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