Prudence Requires Advance Corporate Planning for Sexual Harassment Cases

The #MeToo movement continues to grow within the United States spreading its impact from Hollywood and the tech center to other industries such as catering and tourism. As more people report sexual harassment in the workplace, is your business prepared to deliver an appropriate response? A 2017 survey conducted by The Board list and Qualtrics revealed 77% of 400 corporate respondents “had not discussed accusations of sexually inappropriate behavior and/or sexism in the workplace.” See Furthermore, “88% of corporate respondents had not implemented a plan of action.” Id.

I’m sure several respondents like the nation was caught off-guard by the prevalence of sexual harassment in certain industries. However, we cannot assume that this type of harassment may not occur in our own workplaces. In November 2017, Barron’s announced that “[s]exual harassment is becoming a serious investment risk.” See The best thing we can do to mitigate against this risk is to proactively develop policies and procedures that shun misconduct and swiftly addresses inappropriate behavior. Waiting for a problem to arise first may lead to a bigger expense than planned in your current year budget.

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In addition to Zakia Richardson’s experience in employment law, she has worked as a civil litigator at Utah Legal Services. She is the recipient of the 2017 Attorney of the Year Award and is a member of the Utah Trafficking in Persons (UTIP) taskforce. As a civil litigator, Zakia adjudicated high conflict divorce and custody disputes, protection from abuse cases and immigration cases. Zakia is a board member of the Women Lawyers of Utah as well as a member of the Utah Minority Bar Association

Originally from New York, Zakia enjoys living in Utah and spending time with her family is her highest priority.

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