How to Manage Yourself as a Small Business Owner

Woman at Desk

There are lots of posts and boos and information out there to try and teach you how to be a better leader to your employees and the people around you. Those are wonderful skills to have for any individual, whether you own a business with dozens of employees under you or not. But no two businesses are built or set up the same, and so not all advice is going to be applicable to you and your business. Many small business owners are in business by themselves, which has its advantages and disadvantages. So maybe you need to learn less how to manage and lead others and learn more about how to manage and lead yourself.


Believing in yourself is one of the most important things to do, when you’re in business for yourself, by yourself. It’s a hard job, and to say that it’s challenging to be accountable to yourself, is an understatement. Self-confidence is not a quality that comes easily to many people. And that just makes it even more crucial for you to acquire it. There’s a key difference in between acting with confident and bragging about your accomplishments. Know your strengths, and let yourself feel empowered by that.

Emotional Balance

The idea that a great leader needs to hide the way that they’re really feeling is an outdated one. Being emotionally in control is the best way to effectively lead yourself and those around you under your lead. Learn how to leave some of your emotions at home during work hours, so you can focus on those emotions that will help you while you work. Certain emotions are better to be expressed at different times, so determining what emotions are appropriate when is the key to finding emotional balance. But don’t be afraid to be emotionally invested in what you’re doing.


Take a moment, and think about the core values of the company that you’ve created. Think about how the positive impact the lives of your employees, customers, and yourself. And then when you get stuck in an uncomfortable situation or you’re faced with a tough decision, think about how your decisions will align with these core values to benefit those around you. These values are what defines you, and your ability to stick to these values gives your brand a better value.