Attorney Jason P Webb Chairs Intellectual Property Department at PEARSON BUTLER Law

Pearson Butler, is pleased to announce that attorney Jason P Webb chairs the intellectual property department at Pearson Butler.

The intellectual property applies to creations of the mind such as inventions, designs, artwork, names, and images that are used in commerce. Intellectual property law attorneys use patents, copyright, and trademarks to help individuals and companies receive the financial benefit and earn recognition from what they create and invent. This protection encourages an atmosphere where innovation and creativity can expand.

Mr. Jason P Webb is an intellectual property attorney and the founder of JP Webb, An Intellectual Property Law Firm. He has a Bachelors of Science degree in Applied Physics and Computational Modeling from Brigham Young University where he assisted in experimental laser physics and cancer research. He received his law degree from the S.J. Quinney School of Law at the University of Utah. Mr. Webb trained as an extern for the Honorable Judges Stephen L. Roth of the Third District Court of Utah and J. Thomas Greene of the District of Utah in Federal District Court.

Mr. Webb, previously a managing partner and Director of Intellectual Property at another law firm, founded JP Webb in December 2009. Mr. Webb has deep experience in patent, trademark, and copyright law. He has successfully negotiated licensing agreements and settlement agreements for his clients with Fortune 500 companies. His client’s products and services are sold nationally and internationally on the internet, through HSN and QVC, and in big box stores, including The Home Depot and Toys’R’US.

Mr. Webb is a recognized national expert in intellectual property law and has been quoted worldwide in nationally syndicated publications. Mr. Webb understands the business from the inside. He owns several successful businesses besides his law firm, including an import company. He is a board member and director for the Salt Lake Outreach Micro Fund, a non-profit organization devoted to establishing and funding micro-credit banks in struggling communities worldwide.

Most of his work involves:

  • patents
  • trademarks
  • copyrights
  • trade secrets
  • licensing
  • enforcement of IP rights.

Jason often teaches/speaks at business conferences and trade shows of all types. His plain English explanations of complicated legal matters are popular among busy executives, inventors, and investors. Examples of Jason’s platforms include:

  • CEO Space (Bring on the Cooperative Capitalism)
  • SXSW (Stay weird, Austin!)
  • GenCon (The Gamer Tribe)
  • Inpex (Much love for those who think differently)
  • SnowSports Industries America (Let it snow!)
  • The NAMM Show (Music is life)
  • Periscope (ahh the comfort of speaking from home)

Contact an Intellectual Property Attorney

Do you have questions about intellectual property? If so, consider contacting Utah intellectual property attorney Jason P Webb, a respected attorney known for his legal expertise. Mr. Webb can be contacted at (800) 265-2314.