Understanding Divorce in Utah

The purpose of this blog is to help Utah residents have a better understanding of divorce in Utah. Two often repeated questions our Salt Lake City Utah divorce attorney team are asked by individuals seeking divorce advice are “Should I get a divorce?” and “What if I have minor children in my divorce?”. I wanted to briefly answer both of these common questions.

Should I get divorced?

Getting divorced is a very personal decision. Consult with friends, family, clerical leaders, and therapy professionals to provide some guidance to this difficult decision. The attorneys at Pearson Butler, respect the institute of marriage. Our Utah family lawyers encourage people to save their marriage if they can and if appropriate. Unfortunately, not all marriages can be saved. Once you’ve made that decision to get a divorce, you should enlist the help of an attorney to help you understand your rights, give you a better understanding of the process, and an advocate to be on your side.

What if I have minor children in my Divorce?

There are two types of custody that need to be determined in your Utah Divorce. It is important for you to understand these types of custody in your Utah Divorce. One of our Divorce Attorneys can give you an in-depth understanding of Custody in Utah. The two types of custody in Utah are Legal Custody and Physical Custody. Utah Code Ann § 30-3-10.1.
Courts in Utah have the responsibility in determining custody to decide what is in the best interests of the minor children.

Contact a Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney

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