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5 Common Mistakes People Make in Divorce

As a divorce attorney in Utah, I’ve found 5 common mistakes people make in divorce:

  • Revenge
  • Going it alone
  • Telephone game
  • Taking advice from your spouse
  • Despair

I would like to elaborate as to why these 5 common mistakes create issues that can make the divorce process even more complicated.

1) REVENGE – Going through a divorce, especially when the other party’s actions led to the divorce, is difficult. Wanting to get revenge or be vindicated as part of the divorce process usually only hurts yourself.

2) GOING IT ALONE – Oftentimes people believe that doing the divorce without attorneys will save money. Although being unrepresented might save you money in the short term, parties frequently make mistakes that end up costing them much more in the long run. A competent attorney can help clients create workable and comprehensive agreements that will reduce future conflicts.

3) TELEPHONE GAME – Everyone knows someone that has been through a divorce and is eager to share information with you. Someone’s cousin’s best friend got a certain result, so that must apply to your case, too. Just like messages get muddled in the telephone game, these stories are not reliable. Every divorce is different and an attorney can give you the best information about the law and what outcomes to expect.

4) TAKING ADVICE FROM YOUR SPOUSE – Frequently parties make the mistake of believing their spouse’s version of what’s going to happen. “You better agree to the joint custody I am offering because if we go to court I will get full custody.” You are getting divorced for a reason and taking legal advice from the other person in the case is never a good idea. Again, consult with a competent attorney who can help you understand the law and how it applies to you.

5) DESPAIR – Going through a divorce is emotionally difficult. Let an attorney help you deal with the legal aspect so you can focus on the emotional battle with more strength. Also, don’t be ashamed to talk to a qualified counselor who can help with this emotional journey.

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