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Attorney Ryan Holtan Continues String of Jury Trial Success

Attorney Ryan Holtan continues his string of jury trial victories with two more not guilty verdicts in two separate felony trials in just this past month alone. These victories mark the latest in an already incredibly successful career with Pearson Butler.

“With so many complaints about our criminal justice system being nothing but a plead and punish assembly line it is critical to recognize triumphs in our American justice system” explains Utah Criminal Attorney Holtan. “Trial by jury is one of our most significant constitutional guarantees but unfortunately it has become as commonly exercised as the 3rd Amendment.”

Ryan Holtan is an integral member of Pearson Butler’s defense counsel. His Utah criminal attorney practice includes misdemeanor and felony criminal charges defense: assault, battery, drug charges, DUI, DWI, sex crimes, and violent crime. Holtan aggressively defends drug crimes, including distribution, possession, sales, and illegal possession of prescription drugs.

“All options should be on the table, not just plea bargains,” adds Attorney Ryan Holtan.

Holtan has the skills to negotiate the best possible outcome for your case but when push comes to shove and your innocence is on the line you need a trial attorney with a record of winning.

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