In-House Counsel Service

At Pearson Butler, we have decades of experience serving individuals, businesses, and families across Utah in over a dozen practice areas. With more than thirty qualified legal professionals, we have the resources and experience needed to resolve even the most complex legal matters.

Pearson Butler’s In-House Counsel Service

A Revolutionary Approach to the Practice of Employment & Labor Law

Simply stated — your business is a target. The laws that govern the workplace are complicated and it takes extensive legal training to understand them. The penalties for failing to follow these laws are extremely costly. It is easy for someone who has become upset with your business to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit or to complain to a government agency and allege a violation of one of the many laws you are held accountable for following. Even if you are in the right, hiring a lawyer and defending yourself will cost anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Having the benefit of an experienced Utah employment attorney to consult with on a regular basis can help you avoid being placed in this situation in the first place.

Pearson Butler offers in-house counsel services – call (800) 265-2314 to learn more about this important matter and how it may benefit your company.

Consulting with a Utah Employment Law Attorney

Many businesses do not consult with an attorney on a regular basis. Until now, there have only been two ways for local businesses to get custom legal services:

  • Hire an attorney as full-time in-house counsel and pay a large salary; or
  • Pay between $200-$400 per hour to a local law firm.

For most businesses, these options make it impossible to get legal advice when it matters most — when they incorporate, enter into contracts, hire, fire, or discipline employees, or make everyday business decisions. Because of this, most businesses only hire a lawyer when problems arise and they are forced to do so.

Even with competent legal assistance and a favorable outcome to a lawsuit or government inspection, businesses will almost always be forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars to defend themselves. Due to this unfortunate reality, the most valuable service an attorney can offer you is assistance in avoiding problems in the first place. Pearson Butler’s in-house counsel service makes that possible and affordable.

How It Works

Instead of paying by the hour, you can consult with an experienced Utah employment law attorney on all the aspects of your business at an established and predictable rate. This service can be custom tailored to meet your business needs.

Our In-House Counsel Service can be used for:

  • Business formation and incorporation
  • Drafting and review of employment agreements or discipline forms
  • Document preparation
  • Management of your construction liens
  • Writing an employee handbook
  • Conducting on-site legal training for your employees
  • Any other legal service that could reduce the risks to your business

With Pearson Butler’s In-House Counsel, you no longer have to accept the risk of making business decisions, forming company policies, or entering into contracts without professional legal guidance.

Call (800) 265-2314 to learn more about this invaluable, affordable in-house counsel service.

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