Understanding the Deadlines for 2019 Taxes

New Year’s Eve has come and gone, and now that the confetti has settled, it’s important to think about how you’ll approach your 2019 tax returns this year. Although your individual tax returns aren’t due to the IRS until Tax Day on April 15th, there are many specific rules and deadlines for certain types of business entities – and if you’re submitting taxes on behalf of a complex organization, it’s even more crucial to get started early.

The IRS will begin accepting your returns sometime in late January 2020, as W2s are typically delivered in the last week of the month. But whether you’re already on top of your tax returns or still trying to get everything organized, our experienced tax professionals at Pearson Butler can help you build and protect your wealth. Adept at structuring tax matters for complex organizations, we’ll apply our skills to create a specialized 2019 tax plan that will work for your needs.

Why Do I Need a Tax Professional for My 2019 Returns?

If the IRS sends investigators to audit your returns, your taxpayer rights could be at risk – and you may not be able to protect your business or individual interests after the audit is completed. Although we can represent our clients in any proceedings with the IRS, we believe that early tax preparation and planning is the strongest defense against an IRS audit and its consequences. We offer the services of both attorneys and licensed Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) which means our tax team can provide comprehensive tax preparation and accounting services that will give you peace of mind for the future.

Here are a few more ways our attorneys can help with your 2019 returns:

  • We can help you identify possible threats to your financial well-being, whether for your company or your own assets.
  • We can offer a comprehensive financial analysis to better define the structure of your organization and all capital gains and losses.
  • We’ll aim to minimize your tax burden whenever possible, regardless of whether you’re organizing, operating, or liquidating your current operations.
  • We can provide thorough representation for IRS appeals, audits, and collections that could arise after your returns are submitted.

Why wait to get started on your tax returns? Contact us to schedule a consultation with seasoned tax professional in South Jordan, Utah County, and Bountiful!