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What to Do if Your Boss Won’t Pay You Overtime

It’s critical that employees get paid for all of the work they do. In most cases, employees must be paid overtime regardless of whether they are paid by salary, piece rate, flat rates, or by the hour. Sadly, however, employers often take advantage of employees or use threats and intimidation to avoid paying them what they are owed.

Learn your legal options if your boss refuses to pay you overtime.

Utah’s Wage and Hour Laws

Utah requires employers to pay employees all of the wages they have earned in a timely manner and not to make deductions from employees’ paychecks without their permission.

According to the Utah Labor Commission, employers must pay wages to an employee for all hours that an employee is working. This involves the time taken in the following situations:

  • When the employee is on the premises ready to work
  • When the employee is on duty
  • When the employee is at a prescribed workplace
  • When the employee is attending a meeting or training
  • When the employee is taking time used for established rest or break periods, excluding meal periods of 30 minutes or more

Some employers may try to get creative in order to avoid paying employees their full wages. Examples of this include the employer:

  • Offering bonus PTO in exchange for overtime pay
  • Offering free meals in exchange for overtime pay

Such tactics are illegal and cost workers and their families the overtime pay they deserve. If your employer has refused you the overtime pay you are owed, it’s in your best interest to file a wage claim. Our experienced employment law attorneys are well-versed in Utah’s employment laws, and we’re passionate about helping workers obtain justice.

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