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How to Ask for a Divorce During the Holidays — and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Even when conditions are ideal, navigating a divorce can be very difficult for a person and their family. It is a life-changing decision that can take quite an emotional toll on a person, but that does not mean it is not the best option for some. For those trying to figure out how to go about asking, and then filing, for a divorce during this holiday season greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Pearson Butler is here to tell you that it is possible. To make it easier on yourself, here are a few things to keep in mind while you set out on this path.

Consider the Time of the Year

While the holidays should not stop you from filing for a divorce, it is still wise to consider whether you want to take action now or wait until after the holidays are over.

Many people who have gone through a divorce will tell you that the following weeks are the hardest. If you are one of those people who makes associations between sad events and different times of the year (as many people are), then it might be best to wait a little longer so you do not create a psychological link between this personal hardship and the holidays. Should you decide that you still want to push ahead, you can do so knowing that you fully considered waiting and are making the best decision for yourself.

Plan Ahead

As with most things in life, it can be greatly beneficial to have a plan. Consider how you will break the news to your spouse and do not be afraid to consult a friend about it. Taking time to plan how and when you will tell your spouse that you want a divorce can make the conversation a whole lot easier and prevent you from hastily bringing it up at a bad time.

All things considered, divorces do not happen overnight; they are the culmination of numerous issues between a couple. Thus, while it is easy to feel guilty about asking for a divorce, it is important to remember that there is nothing wrong with choosing this path, not even during the holidays or a pandemic.

Do Your Best to Be Kind

Once you do break the news to your spouse, being kind to yourself and your soon-to-be ex can make the process way smoother and a lot less painful. If you have children with this person, this is particularly important because it will greatly reduce any stress put on your children and make the transition to having two homes much easier.

If you plan to spend a holiday, such as Christmas, apart, it is crucial to figure out with whom your children will be spending the day of the actual holiday to avoid any last-minute conflict and make it easy on your kids. One party can always move the celebration to the day after or before to accommodate all parties involved.

Reach Out to Your Loved Ones

Even though many of us are staying home to save lives in light of the coronavirus pandemic, that does not mean you cannot reach out to your loved ones via online platforms or, depending on your county’s restrictions, take socially distanced walks to talk about what you are going through. Divorces are notoriously difficult; there is nothing wrong with leaning on your support system.

Keep Your Eye on the Big Picture

No matter if you decide to ask for a divorce now or after the holiday season, it can be greatly beneficial to navigate the choppy waters of divorce with your eye on the bountiful island of singlehood. In other words, remember why you want a divorce in the first place. It is inevitably going to be difficult to end a marriage, but when all is said and done, you can finally move on to the next chapter of your life.

Compassionately Helping Individuals Through Divorce

At Pearson Butler, we understand that people file for divorce for a reason. We also understand that going through a divorce can be difficult emotionally. That is why we provide compassionate legal counsel to help people through divorce, working to give every single one of our clients a smooth transition to the next stage of their life. To date, our divorce attorneys have helped countless people successfully navigate divorce while making it as easy as possible on the children and avoiding any added unnecessary conflict between a divorcing couple.

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