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Having a difficult time collecting child support? Use ORS

Mr. Gregerson and William Miller of the Attorney’s General Office taught a CLE course to local family law attorneys on practical tips for handling ORS matters. The course explained how the Office of Recovery Services (ORS) can be a valuable resource to collect on child support and alimony and to collect on judgments for past due to child support, medical expenses, medical insurance and daycare costs.

Mr. Gregerson also stressed that attorneys can better serve their family law clients as they understand the nuances of ORS procedures, the state and federal rules that ORS has to follow, and what attorneys can and can’t do to help their clients collect through ORS.

It’s an honor that Ryan presented a continuing legal education (CLE) course for the Utah State Bar’s Family Law Section,” explains Jeff Butler, co-founder of Pearson Butler. “His course, ‘Practical Tips for Attorneys on Child Support Cases’, is an intermediate-level course attended primarily by experienced family law attorneys. He’s a quality family law attorney who aggressively represents his clients, and we’re happy he could teach his peers ways to improve their ability to represent their own clients.”

Over the past number of years, Mr. Gregerson has worked with countless clients struggling from the financial burden caused by an ex-spouse or parent failing to assist financially in the raising of children. By using resources available through the ORS, Mr. Gregerson has helped many struggling single parents and divorced parents receive child and spousal support, get reimbursed for medical expenses and daycare costs and receive additional financial assistance for other support needs.

Ryan Gregerson chairs the family law section for Pearson Butler, which includes several attorneys and paralegal staff. He is also a partner at Pearson Butler Law.

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