In a Legal Battle, Better Dial Kyle Adams

Litigation is an area in which people are constantly asking me “can’t I just do this myself?” Although litigation is the main area in which people do represent themselves, my constant answer to this question is to have you think of your favorite bakery/pastry shop. Think about that first bite into your favorite cupcake. Personally, I’m imagining my favorite cupcake shop in Washington, D.C. But for as great as that cupcake is, we did not have to actually go to a bakery to get it. Technically, we can make cupcakes out of a box from the grocery store. But does it compare?

Not all situations call for an attorney to be involved. But until you meet with one dedicated to your situation who understands how it will affect you in the future, are you willing to take the chance? Are you willing to settle for legal advice out of a box? One size does not fit all when it comes to the law.

No attorney can guarantee any specific result. Our legal system is complex enough that there are simply too many variables to guarantee a result. However, I offer three specific guarantees to all of my clients:

  1. I will fight for you with everything that I have. I fight smart, I fight effectively, and I fight passionately. But above all else, I will fight.
  2. I will always be honest, even brutally so when necessary. First and foremost, I am your attorney and will never compromise that relationship.
  3. I will always look for ways to save you money. Regardless of how much money is in your bank, or if you don’t even have a bank account, everybody loves to save money. Legal fees are expensive, and that is never lost on me.

I am dedicated to my clients and passionate about the law. I will put that same dedication and passion towards you and your case. In short, when you are in a legal battle, better dial Kyle Adams.

About the Author

Utah litigation attorney Kyle Adams practices in family law and business. He likes to solve problems and resolve conflicts. As such, he has worked in a General Counsel setting for multiple small businesses.

Kyle graduated with honors from Drake University Law School, which is one of the nation’s oldest law schools and is ranked #2 for Practical Training. During law school, Kyle received multiple oral advocacy commendations and was in the leadership for many organizations, including the Business Law Society and the J. Reuben Clark Law Society. For his undergrad, Kyle received a business degree from the University of Utah.

Immediately before joining Pearson Butler, Kyle lived and worked for a large law firm in Washington, D.C. on an international litigation case in Japan. He lived in Japan for two years and speaks Japanese. Although he enjoys the East Coast, Kyle is happy to be in Utah. He was born and raised a Utah football fan, and watching football games with his three sons is his ideal Saturday afternoon.