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What You Need to Know About Holiday Pay in Utah

While most people get holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas off from work, many people choose to work through these days in order to take advantage of holiday pay. Many businesses offer additional incentives to employees in order to be willing to work on the holidays, including paying double time or offering bonuses.

In the state of Utah, however, these practices are not required. Utah does not have its own legislation on holiday pay, opting to simply follow federal regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Our firm has compiled a short list of frequently asked questions to clear up some confusion regarding holiday pay.

Does a business have to pay extra for holiday shifts?

No. Employers are only required to pay extra for hours worked on a holiday shift if they require an employee to work more than 40 hours in a given workweek. Otherwise, holiday pay is considered a fringe benefit under federal law.

Can a business choose who to give holiday pay to?

Sometimes. If an employer offers holiday pay to one full-time worker, they must offer it to all full-time employees. Part-time, temporary, and freelance workers are an exception to this rule and can be given holiday pay at the employer's discretion. This decision must be non-discriminatory and in alignment with company policy.

When does an employer have to notify their employees about holiday pay?

Employees must be notified of their employer's holiday pay policy at their time of hiring.

Do employees have to work on holidays?

A business can require their employees to work on holidays. In the eyes of the law, holidays are just like any other business day. If an employee requires the day off for religious reasons, however, an employer must make a reasonable effort to accommodate this need.

What about exempt employees?

Exempt, salary based employees may not have their salary docked for the holidays. An employer can have a holiday be unpaid time off for exempt employees, though this could jeopardize their exempt status.

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