Parents looking at each other while carrying their children on their backs.

Parallel Parenting for Beginners

Sometimes a divorce can be a lot messier than what’s expected. Divorce often leads to hard feelings, which create a struggle for a unified front as parents. Luckily, there are options. In this blog, our team at Pearson Butler will discuss how parallel parenting is a viable option when setting up a parenting plan after a divorce when it’s an extremely high-conflict situation.

Parallel Parenting

Parallel parenting is a method of parenting where both parents interact minimally with each other while still maintaining a solid relationship with their child or children. This method is also an excellent option for parents needing a short-term fix while settling disagreements. Parallel parenting can also be a long-term solution for some, depending on the situation.

How Does This Differ From Co-Parenting?

Co-parenting is a method where both parents work together to raise their children. In this situation, both parents make social, educational, and medical choices for their children together. Both parents are more likely to go to school events and extracurricular activities together, whereas only one parent will attend, following a parallel parenting method.

It’s crucial to note that a parallel parenting plan does not mean there will be zero communication between the parents. Communications are limited to written communications instead of in-person. This parenting lets both parents raise their children in separate homes with minimal interaction. This is done to decrease conflict while still trying to create similar home lives and rules for the children in both homes. It is best advised to seek legal counsel to create a detailed parenting plan highlighting communicative boundaries, parent-time schedules, and travel arrangements to make everything work.

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