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Jason Webb Talks Intellectual Property Law on “Playing with Fire”

How Companies Can Avoid Risk and Accelerate Growth

As a skilled lawyer with vast experience in intellectual property law, Jason Webb is frequently asked to share his insights on podcasts, in national publications, and even in federal court as an expert witness. Recently, Jason had the pleasure of joining Jason Munson on his podcast “Playing with Fire” to discuss the unnecessary intellectual property risks that companies should avoid. 

More than ever, it’s crucial for companies to stay on top of their intellectual property needs and stay away from any unnecessary risks or conflicts. In his work with both small and large businesses, Jason has seen many CEOs and executives get too bogged down in the process of creation – and miss the crucial deadlines and tasks that could truly set their innovations up for success. 

When asked what gives successful companies the “secret sauce” to innovate and stay competitive in their market, Jason said that it comes down to “having a better touch on the pulse of your market and having a better understanding of what they [customers] want.” By staying proactive with the online review process, listening to their existing customers, and leveraging their strengths in marketing campaigns, companies can mitigate some of the inherent risks that come with innovation and ensure that they have a strong client base. 

Jason also recommends that companies diversify their product line, particularly in tech and scientific fields that are creating entirely new product offerings. “Most inventors and entrepreneurs that I know who are making new things happen, it's not like they only have one idea,” he says. “They have lots of ideas and they're cherry-picking on which ones are going to be the ones that they can turn into money. By stair-stepping up like that, you're also minimizing the investment that you're doing so that if you do have to bail, then you've only lost a third of what you would have lost if you were full bore going forward.”

Attorney Spotlight: Jason Webb

At Pearson Butler, our growing Utah team includes almost 40 highly-qualified and diverse attorneys, along with over 20 top-tier staff members who help to support our clients throughout each case. As the leader of our intellectual property department, Attorney Jason Webb brings invaluable insight and experience to our cases involving patents, trademarks, copyrighting, and licensing.

With a rigorous scientific background that combines physics, chemistry, and computer science, Jason has the ability to quickly understand new technology and navigate through the ever-changing laws that govern intellectual property. Because he has owned multiple businesses and has negotiated deals for many high-level Fortune 500 companies, he understands the business world from the inside out – and can provide reliable, in-depth counsel to Utah business owners trying to innovate in their market.

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