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How to Co-Parent When You Don’t Get Along with Your Ex-Spouse

Once your divorce has been finalized, speaking with your ex-spouse may seem like the last thing you want to do. If you have a child with your ex-spouse, however, it is something you will have to do for the health and happiness of your child.

Below, we discuss some tips for co-parenting when you don’t get along with your ex-spouse.

Keep Communication Simple

A good rule of thumb to follow is to treat your relationship with your ex-spouse as you would a business relationship. Only communicate what and when is necessary and, when communicating, keep interactions brief and respectful.

This method can help avoid painful topics or hurt feelings, which can lead to a breakdown in communication.

Establish Consistency

Children thrive on routine and structure. Use the aforementioned communication style to establish consistent rules that will be implemented at both your and your ex-spouse’s homes. This can help make the change in living situations easier for children when much about their living situation in each parent’s house is the same.

Put Your Child First

Remember why you’re trying to co-parent with your ex-spouse in the first place—so your child has a loving, healthy relationship with each parent. As such, put your child’s interests ahead of you and your ex-spouse. Make virtually all communication about your child’s well-being. Never use your child as a messenger to your ex-spouse or put them in the middle of an argument.

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