Attorney Jason Webb Interview: Understanding Intellectual Property Protection

Our very own Attorney Jason Webb recently spoke with Super Brand Publishing about successfully negotiating licensing agreements and settlement agreements for his clients, including Fortune 500 companies. In Understanding Intellectual Property, Attorney Webb explored intellectual property protection as well as the importance of and distinctions between copyright, trademark, licensing, and trademark symbols.

Legal protection for your ideas and inventions is crucial. Your intellectual property deserves protection from others’ infringement or abuse and fighting for these safeties can make or break your business. Any creations of the mind such as inventions, designs, symbols, names, images, or artwork are considered intellectual property and no matter the nature of your business, you have something worth protecting. Navigating the world of copyrights, licensing, and trademarks can be complex and often takes a significant amount of time without the promise of a positive outcome, which is why many people shy away from the processes entirely. However, nothing could be more dangerous for your future as nearly 80% of the value of most American companies is their intellectual property.

Attorney Webb provides an in-depth explanation of why exactly that is. He examines protection laws and distinguishes the differences between these confusing legal terms, breaking down even the most convoluted concepts to be understood on the most basic level while providing tips for mistakes to avoid.

Listen to the podcast in full or read the complete transcript of the interview here.

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Whether you are an entrepreneur who is investing in a new business or an artist seeking to put your world on the market, there is no time to waste in taking the proper steps in legally protecting what is rightfully yours. At Pearson Butler, our intellectual property attorneys are seasoned professionals with the knowledge and skill to resolve your concerns as effectively as possible.

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