Snow on the road

How to Stay Safe on the Road During Utah’s Storm Season

Utah is notorious for its winter storms. The state’s winters are often characterized by cold temperatures, rainstorms, and heavy snow that make driving on the roads dangerous. In early 2018, a severe snowstorm caused more than 200 car accidents along the Wasatch Front.

In order to prepare for this year’s storm season, read up on these tips for staying safe on the Utah roads during poor weather conditions.

Safety Tips for Driving in Bad Weather

It’s best to avoid driving in a snowstorm whenever possible. However, we understand that sometimes emergencies arise for which you must venture out into the elements. When this happens, taking the following measures can help reduce your chances of an accident:

  • Drive slowly. Visibility can be greatly reduced during a snowstorm. Drive at or below the speed limit in order to respond to objects in the road appropriately.

  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly. It is more difficult for your car’s tires to gain traction on wet or icy roads. Accelerating and decelerating slowly gives your vehicle more opportunity to cling onto the roadway.

  • Keep your brakes in good condition. Your brakes are your first and last line of defense to prevent an accident. Make sure to schedule regular inspections to keep them in proper working order, particularly during the winter.

  • Don’t speed up a hill. Since the traction on an icy road is so poor, making your wheels spin faster by speeding only reduces their grip on the road. Remain a safe, slow speed while on inclines.

Even if you take all of the aforementioned precautions, accidents may still happen. If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, our personal injury attorneys are here to help. At Pearson Butler, we have helped countless clients across Utah recover the compensation they need and deserve after a crash.

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