Represent Creditors Collecting from Debtors

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Representing Creditors in Collection Actions

Utah Debt Collection Attorneys

Even when a debt is legally owed, it can be difficult to collect. Debt collection laws are notoriously complex and must be followed to the letter to ensure full compliance. Failure to comply could result in the debt being rendered invalid and could even open the door to a claim from a debtor to seek financial compensation for unfair debt collection practices.

You must protect yourself and your company by involving an experienced Utah debt collection lawyer who can ensure the appropriate steps are taken, within the confines of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and all applicable state collection laws. Pearson Butler provides experienced debt collection counsel to creditors across Utah. The firm can help with wage garnishment, liens, settlements, and payment plans, and can protect your interests in court proceedings.

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Initiating Utah Debt Collection Proceedings

The following steps are involved in initiating debt collection proceedings in Utah:

  • A written “validation notice” describing the amount owed, the creditor, and how to dispute or verify the debt must be given to the debtor before a court case can be filed.
  • The debtor will then have 30 days to dispute the debt or to ask for additional information.
  • A complaint can then be filed with the court. A copy of the complaint and summons must be served on the debtor.

A creditor and debtor may reach a settlement at any time in the process. This written agreement becomes a legally enforceable contract and may include terms for a payment plan, a reduced settlement amount, or other arrangement.

Contact Pearson Butler at (800) 265-2314

Experienced and dedicated to helping creditors recover debt in a swift and cost-effective manner, the Utah debt collection attorneys at Pearson Butler can provide the level of guidance and representation you need.

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