Child Custody and the Holidays Planning Ahead for Peace of Mind

Child Custody and the Holidays: Planning Ahead for Peace of Mind

Planning parenting time schedules during the holidays can be one of the most challenging parts of co-parenting. The holiday season, which is supposed to be a time of joy and celebrations, can quickly become a source of tension and anxiety for families navigating difficult custody dynamics. However, by proactively scheduling and planning you can ensure that the holidays remain a time of happiness and togetherness for you and your children, regardless of your relationship status.

Prioritizing Communication and Compromise

If you're contemplating divorce or just beginning the process, you might wonder how to navigate the divorce transition and the holidays at the same time. It's possible, but it requires careful consideration. The key is open communication with your co-parent, an agreed-upon written schedule, and occasionally a little flexibility. Your choices during this initial stage can set the tone for future negotiations with your ex.

Some parents choose to delay discussing the upcoming divorce with their children until after the winter break. Others prefer to be upfront and then collaboratively establish interim custody plans. Often, holidays like Christmas can be split, with children spending Christmas Eve with one parent and Christmas Day with the other. By dividing holiday traditions, children can maintain a sense of normalcy and joy, even amidst significant changes.

If parents are unable to agree and the court must order a schedule for how the holidays will be divided, one parent will be awarded from when school gets out for the break until December 27th at 7 p.m. The other parent will be awarded the second half of the break beginning at 7 pm until the evening before school resumes or the morning school resumes, depending on the custody arrangements. The holidays rotate so that if one parent has the first half of the break this year, then the other parent would have the first half of the break next year.

Navigating Disputes and Conflicts

While the aim is a harmonious agreement, disputes can arise. Engaging a qualified divorce attorney can help you reduce conflict moving forward. The family law attorneys at Pearson Butler offer compassionate guidance and will work to achieve your goals.

Why Planning Now Matters

Our team at Pearson Butler strongly advocates for establishing a clear holiday child custody schedule well in advance. Proactive planning eliminates uncertainty, allowing both parents and children to fully enjoy each holiday season. Knowing what to expect fosters a sense of stability and peace for everyone involved.

Seeking Expert Assistance with Child Custody?

At Pearson Butler, we've supported many parents through custody challenges. We offer a compassionate, comprehensive approach to family law, ensuring smooth transitions for families undergoing change. For tailored guidance, please connect with our experienced attorneys online or at (800) 265-2314. Remember, planning now can pave the way for many joyous holiday seasons to come.