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Do I Need a Therapist for Me or My Kids?

The short answer is yes. Divorce and custody issues are usually nothing short of traumatic. Humans are resilient, but no matter how well you feel that you are coping, or how well you feel that you are shielding your children from the conflict, therapy is generally a good idea.

Therapists, and especially therapists familiar with divorce, can help identify points of stress that you or your children might be experiencing without being aware. A trained professional can be especially helpful to talk to as you and your children work through the stress and anxiety of the divorce process.

Divorce affects children in diverse ways, many of which are not outwardly obvious. Their emotions may manifest themselves as irritability, pulling away, and increased difficulty with school, just to name a few. A therapist is specially trained to help children navigate these complicated emotions that often come at the center of a custody conflict.

The great news is that we have worked with many qualified therapists. We can confidently help you choose a therapist and/or a type of therapy that is right for you and your family.

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