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5 Tips for Young Divorcées

Going through a divorce can be emotionally draining—perhaps even more so when the parties involved are both young. Sadly, there is much social stigma surrounding divorce, and it can be difficult for young divorcées to rise above that. Below, we provide five tips to make this painful and confusing time a bit easier for you.

#1. Understand that you are not alone.

Although a divorce where both parties are young may seem rare, it’s important to remember that this is not necessarily the case. Besides, you should try not to let that thought affect you. What’s most important during a divorce is to do what’s right for you—not what other people think you should do. Your happiness is on the line, and if getting a divorce is the best way for you to achieve that, then you should feel free to proceed without worrying about social stigma.

#2. Learn from this experience.

As the saying goes: “Everything happens for a reason.” It may be helpful for you to use this experience to learn from your actions. This is known as “reframing” your thought process to view things from a different perspective. Perhaps you can use experiences from your marriage to know what to do or not do in your next relationship.

#3. Rediscover who you are.

This bit of advice is certainly optional. However, one of the best ways to be in a healthy relationship is to appreciate who you are outside of a relationship. Perhaps take some time to explore activities, hobbies, or interests that had fallen by the wayside while you were in your relationship. Understand that the best way to find validation is to discover it within yourself. This understanding will set you up for success in your next relationship.

#4. Use social media wisely.

While many people have positive experiences on social media, it’s certainly a tool for distress as well. It may be a good idea to mute or unfollow your ex on social media so you do not see any photos or updates that you are not ready for. This certainly does not have to be a permanent measure, but it’s one that may give you the time to heal and recover mentally and emotionally.

#5. Find your support system.

A support system is vital to get through difficult times in a healthy manner. Turn to family and friends who can provide you with honest feedback and caring support. It’s also a good idea to speak with a therapist or psychiatrist about what you’re going through—a professional may be able to provide you with advice you would not find elsewhere.

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