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Making Your Mortgage Payments During COVID-19

During these uncertain times, it’s natural to worry about making your regular mortgage payments – especially if you have already fallen behind on your account, or if your family has suffered COVID-19 related job losses. At Pearson Butler, our attorneys can help you review all your options if you’re struggling with debt. However, there are also a few key ways you may be able to stay current on your account during the pandemic.

A few guidelines that may help:

  1. DO NOT stop making your payments without talking to your mortgage company. Mortgage companies are putting their own tools and guidelines in place to provide relief to those in need. Be sure to contact them and get specifics.
  2. Document hardship. If you have been laid off, furloughed, or placed on leave, make sure you have the appropriate documentation to provide if and when necessary.
  3. Check your mortgage company’s website to see if they have an online process. Many companies have shifted to an online-friendly process to help avoid long wait times on the phone.
  4. If you cannot find anything posted, give them a call. Loan servicers are working diligently to make sure you have a plan for mortgage payments in place.
  5. AVOID SCAMS! During the pandemic, we may see a rise in scam calls and mailers giving false information. Be sure not to give out personal information unless you know exactly who is on the other end of the call.

If you have fallen behind on your mortgage and don’t have a solution, please set an appointment to discuss how a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you save your home. By filing for bankruptcy, you may be able to reorganize your debt and gain some financial protection during this crisis.

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