Communicating With Your Ex When You Have Kids Together

Without a doubt, one of the most difficult things about breaking up with a spouse or a partner, when you have children, is the continued communication that is required. When you have kids together with you simply must stay in contact with one another so as to effectively co-parent. The courts are also inundated with situations where more effective communication would have saved people thousands of dollars. Because contrary to what many people believe, it is not a given that you will be awarded attorney’s fees if you have to take them to court.

Before You Press Send, Ask if this Will Help or Hurt My Case?

The golden rule always applies when communicating, namely that you treat them how you want to be treated. But what about when you have tried it and it has not worked? Depending on the situation, it may make the most sense to require all communication between you two to be written, either via email or text. This is inherently difficult because it is hard to know someone’s tone when texting, but it is the best way to preserve communications for the Court.

If it indeed becomes necessary to go back to court to get them to stop their harassment or enforce your decree (or any other number of things), texts/emails can be the deciding factor. Remember, though, that it works both ways. Each time you are going to email/text your ex, ask yourself a simple question: what will a judge think when reading this? Does this help my case, or does it make me look bad? (Caveat: this is assuming you have already asked yourself “is this necessary to help my kids?”) If the Golden Rule does not work for your situation, add to it. An easy acronym to govern behavior is this: WWJD – What Would Judge Decide?

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