How in the World did I Become a Utah Bankruptcy Attorney?

During my undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. I toyed with a few different majors: political science, engineering, and journalism just to name a few. I could not make up my mind. My guidance counselor suggested that I take some tests to determine what my strengths and weaknesses were. I took the tests and was advised to go into the law. Everyone advised against it, especially my relatives that were already lawyers. I ignored them and decided to get done with college as quickly as possible with a Spanish Translation and Interpretation degree so that I could get on with my life by attending law school.

I applied and was accepted at Drake University Law School. Being from Kansas City, I was thrilled to be headed back to the Midwest, where I hoped to stay the rest of my life. I packed up the family and off we went to Des Moines, Iowa. During law school, my interest was really about being a prosecutor. There were internships and opportunities to even prosecute some low-level misdemeanors. I enrolled in a bankruptcy class and quickly dropped the class as it was boring. I figured I would never need that information in my prosecutorial brain.

After graduation, I found a job back in Utah, where I had vowed not to live. I accepted the job and moved my family back here. While studying for the bar, the job ended up falling through. I was here, so I was going to stay and make it work. After passing the bar, I began working for a law firm that represented indigent parents accused of child abuse. This was not the job that I wanted. However, it was a great experience. I was in court several times a week. The clients’ stories and situations were heartbreaking. After about 18 months, I was ready for a change. Then, I took a job at a law firm that needed a family law attorney. That law firm also did bankruptcy. After six months of divorces, adoptions and other family law work, I told the managing partner, that I wanted to learn about bankruptcy. They started giving me work in that area and I liked it. I really liked it. I have been doing it ever since.

There is something very rewarding about taking a bad situation for a client and turning it into something better. I have been practicing law since 1995 and I have been helping clients file bankruptcy since 2000. I have filed thousands of cases and I’m not bored nor am I tired of it. I still get satisfaction from helping my clients find the light at the end of the tunnel. Not all cases are easy and bankruptcy does not work for everyone, but in most cases, we can find a great solution.

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