Utah Drug Possession Attorney Ryan Holtan Wins Criminal Trial in Vernal Utah

Utah drug possession attorney and criminal defense lawyer Ryan Holtan helped his client win a jury trial last Friday in Vernal. Utah drug possession Attorney Holtan’s client had been accused of drug possession and the prosecutor wanted to aggressively prosecute the client. The jury heard arguments from both Mr. Holtan and the prosecutor and deliberated shortly before coming forward with a “not guilty” verdict on drug possession.

“This is big,” stated Utah drug possession attorney and criminal defense lawyer Ryan Holtan. “Our Layton Utah client was prosecuted vigorously by a skilled prosecutor who did a good job. But I felt that the evidence was insufficient to convict beyond a reasonable doubt, pointed out that lack of evidence to the jurors, and they agreed with our argument. I’m glad that my client was given his day in court and found not guilty.”

Utah drug possession attorney Ryan Holtan has aggressively and effectively represented many individuals accused of various crimes. His desire to protect his clients’ rights and his ability to argue his case has helped him successfully defend numerous people.

“I enjoy helping people out and protecting their constitutional rights,” adds Mr. Holtan. “Everybody needs a fair chance and I enjoy presenting cases to jurors and watching them take their responsibility seriously of weighing the evidence before coming up with a verdict.”

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