Layton Utah criminal defense attorney Ryan Holtan joins PEARSON BUTLER

Layton Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

Ryan N. Holtan joins the law firm of Pearson Butler and heads the criminal defense attorney team out of the Layton office. The Layton Utah Criminal Defense attorney team offers a comprehensive array of criminal law defense services to the residents of Utah. Whether you’ve been charged with your first DUI, your first drug charges, or a high-stakes felony, you’ll receive an experienced and passionate Utah criminal defense attorney. When your rights are threatened and your life is on the line, trust an attorney who truly cares about the outcome.

Many Salt Lake City criminal defense attorneys simply take the money and plead. This is unethical and not how our Layton criminal attorney and South Jordan criminal defense attorney team operates. Criminal cases take time and personal attention to effectively defend. You’ve got questions that need answering and a life that needs protecting. Questions like:

  • How will this impact my job?
  • Can I go to jail for this crime?
  • How much could my fines be?

Even minor misdemeanor charges can affect your life dramatically. Charges become public record and many employers have access to your background. Felony charges can disqualify you from many jobs and opportunities. If you’re facing misdemeanor or felony charges in the Salt Lake City Utah area, contact Ryan N. Holtan and the attorneys at Pearson Butler at (800) 265-2314 and schedule your free consultation and case evaluation.

Our Layton and South Jordan criminal defense attorney team have worked in prosecutor offices around the state and understand the forces arrayed against you. It’s an unfortunate and terrible reality that the system we rely on to be impartial is so often biased against us. But our attorneys understand how crimes are investigated, charged, and brought to court. It’s important to have trusted legal representation as early as possible in your case. The sooner we’re brought in the more effective we can be.

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If you’ve been charged with a crime don’t hesitate to contact the firm. Your initial consultation and case evaluation are free. Experience the difference a dedicated trial attorney can make in your case. Don’t be a Victim. Know Your Rights! (800) 265-2314.