Utah Bankruptcy Court Fees Rise

Utah Bankruptcy Court Fees Increase

The cost of filing for bankruptcy protection with the United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Utah, just got more expensive, but not by much. On September 13, 2011, the Judicial Conference of the United States Bankruptcy Court has announced an increase in bankruptcy filing fees effective November 1, 2011. The filing fees are paid directly to the court usually in full at the time a debtor’s case is filed. The increase will occur to the following fees for bankruptcy cases:

Utah Bankruptcy Court Fees Rise

Chapter 7: from $299 to $306
Chapter 13: from $274 to $281
Chapter 11: from $1039 to $1046

Document Amendment Fee: from $26 to $30

The cost of filing bankruptcy may have increased $7.00; however, for many debtors, the benefits of filing for bankruptcy by calling our Utah Bankruptcy Attorneys still greatly outweigh the costs.

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