When Should a Personal Representative Consult a Utah Probate Attorney?

One of life’s most traumatic events is losing a loved one. During this traumatic time, important legal and financial decisions are made. This is especially true for the individual asked to be the personal representative to close the affairs of his or her loved one.

Why Does Utah Have Probate Proceedings?

Utah has probate proceedings to ensure the orderly transfer of a deceased person’s property. The probate proceedings ensure that the personal representative:

  • Pays the deceased person’s debts and taxes
  • Protects the deceased person’s estate
  • Resolves who receives which assets and disburses the property

When Should a Personal Representative Consult a Utah Probate Attorney?

On the Utah Court’s website, the Utah State Bar recommends that a Utah attorney be consulted when:

  • The gross value of your estate, including life insurance, employer death benefits, and anything you might inherit from your spouse or others, exceeds $600,000.
  • Where there are businesses or partnerships involved.
  • Where there might be substantial conflict among the heirs.
  • Where there are any other unusual or bothersome circumstances.
  • Where one or more of your heirs may have trouble managing their affairs due to age, infirmity, improvidence, lack of training, or simply lack of desire.

Source: http://www.utcourts.gov/howto/wills/#Probate

Why Use Pearson Butler?

Our Utah estate planning attorneys can assist your estate in maximizing the inheritance you leave behind for your loved ones. Our legal team can help you prepare, plan, and administer the following documents:

Contact a Probate Attorney Salt Lake City Utah

Utah probate law can be confusing and estate administration can be difficult. The probate process can be further complicated for a personal representative who lives outside of Utah. At Pearson Butler, our Utah probate attorney team can assist the personal representative of the estate through this sometimes confusing and complicated process. For more information, feel free to call a probate attorney Salt Lake City Utah team member at (800) 265-2314.