Study Examines Financial Abuse of the Elderly

According to the following report, financial abuse of the elderly is on the rise in the U.S. The key findings of the report are extremely troubling and sad. However, this type of abuse is PREVENTABLE. Adjustments to a Living Trust can significantly minimize the risk of financial abuse of the elderly. If you know people (parents or adult children) who ought to be thinking about this, please let them know about this report.

NCPEA, in partnership with the MetLife Mature Market Institute and the Center for Gerontology at Virginia Tech, has released a study that examines the depths of financial exploitation against the elderly in the United States. Titled “Crimes of Occasion, Desperation, and Predation Against America’s Elders,” the study is an expanded follow-up to a groundbreaking study in 2009 named “Broken Trust: Elders, Family, and Finances.” This new study widens the scope of the previous study to match the growing problem of financial abuse against the elderly.

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