Utah Franchise Attorneys - SBA Loans Help Veterans Obtain Franchises through VetFran

Utah Franchise Attorneys

Geoff Dietrich, a franchise attorney in Utah at Pearson Butler, has good news: VetFran can help veterans obtain SBA loans to set up franchises. According to the SBA, about a quarter of the country’s 23.5 million veterans are interested in starting or buying their own business. Franchises have brought amazing offers and special Vet-friendly deals through VetFran.

VetFran, or the Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative, was started during the Gulf War to help veterans become franchisees through financial incentives from franchisors. Since its relaunch after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, about 400 franchisors have joined the program, and more than 2,000 veterans have become franchisees as a result.

“A Veteran makes an ideal franchisee,” says Mark Siebert, CEO of iFranchise Group—a franchise consulting firm. He cites veterans’ hard-work, ethics, willingness to follow the rules, and understanding of systems and structures make for powerful franchisees.

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If you are interested in meeting with a lawyer in Utah about franchises, contact one of our Utah franchise attorneys at Pearson Butler we have experience representing franchisees and franchisors. Our franchise lawyers understand the needs of your business and look forward to serving you through VetFran. Contact one of our franchise attorneys today to prepare for your new franchise tomorrow at(800) 265-2314. Geoff Dietrich is currently offering free consultations through VetFran.