Still Throwing Away Your AARP Magazine?

I have been throwing mine away since I became a card-carrying AARP member 5 years ago (age 50). Every month I put it in the dumpster (or recycling bin … if I remember … hey, I’m trying). Perhaps my subconscious thought “if you read it, you’ll age faster.” The human mind can think up some bizarre reasons for doing/not doing things. Last night I had a little “relax” time (when’s the last time I had that?), so I took a chance and opened the recent issue of AARP The Magazine and decided to skim through it.

What did I see? A lot of interesting information for the over-50 gang. I noticed that a lot of celebs have aged right along with me — Beaver’s brother on Leave it to Beaver, Tony Dow, is Holy Cow, 65! Actor Sean Penn and actress Valerie Bertinelli (TV’s One Day at a Time) are 50. Laura Bush is 63. Ringo Starr is 70, YIKES! That was comforting; I’m not the only one getting older.

I read a very interesting article about how our memory changes with age. I mean, we all know it does, but the article explained the “how”.

Anyway, I determined that AARP The Magazine can be a comfort to me and can notify me of things that the mainstream media isn’t telling me. It may become a valued friend.