Don't Read This If You Don't Have a Pet

Pets are an important part of life for the majority of Utahns and Americans. One of my clients refers to her dogs as “my children.” Pet owners are devoting more and more time, concern and money to the care and well-being of their pets. I have many clients ask me if their Will or Trust can be designed to include directions for the care of their pet(s) and how that care will be paid for. I’m now including “Pet Provisions” in Living Trusts and Wills that I prepare. The general themes are:

  • Who will care for my pet(s) when I am deceased or unable to provide care myself (because of mental or physical disability)?
  • If I want to appoint a caregiver (successor) to act in place of me, how do I do that?
  • Will the successor caregiver provide an acceptable level of care, and carry out my wishes? How can I be sure?
  • Will the successor caregiver be able to make “end of life” decisions for my pet(s)? Will my wishes be followed?
  • What expenses will the successor caregiver incur (food, grooming, medicine, veterinarian fees, kennel-care, licensing, and more)? Can my Will or Trust designate certain funds to cover these expenses?

If you would like to know more about the legal answers to these questions, please contact me. I’ll discuss these issues with you on a complimentary (no charge) basis).

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The website for Camp Bow-Wow is